Continuous Professional Education of Specialists in Demand in the Labor Market with the Help of Information Technologies

Переведенное название: Дополнительное профессиональное образование специалистов при помощи ИКТ в ответ на запросы рынка труда

M.G. Sergeeva , S.N. Nagaeva, I.P. Firova , O.I. Pudovkina , V.N. Solomonova , I.K. Sidenko , O.A. Ignatjeva

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Post-industrial society is the beginning of the transition to
a new type of civilization development, which is
associated not only with the technological revolution, but
also with the modernization and restructuring of the
professional education system. The influence of such
factors as the globalization of education, the transition to
an innovative system of training, the transformation of
professional education, makes it possible to consider
continuing professional education as a component of
global education of the individual. The socio-economic
situation in Russian society has revealed processes that
prove that the dynamics of economic changes exceeds the
dynamics of the individual’s ability to adapt to them. The
acquired knowledge and professional competences formed
during training are limited, and the acquired norms and
values do not become reference points in the changing
world and are subject to reassessment. The changes taking
place in Russia have revealed a serious shortage of
specialists with knowledge and experience in decisionmaking in a market economy, and have caused an increase
in the need for such specialists. A developing society needs
fully educated, enterprising people who can make their
own decisions in a situation of choice, are capable of
cooperation, characterized by mobility, dynamism,
constructiveness, have a sense of responsibility for the fate
of the country, its further prosperity
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ЖурналInternational Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering
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