The dynamics of DAXX protein distribution in the nucleus of mouse early embryos

Переведенное название: Динамика внутриядерного распределения белка Daxx в раннем эмбриогенезе мыши

Ирина Боголюбова, Жулдыз Куанышкызы Сайлау, Дмитрий Боголюбов

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Nuclear distribution of Death-associated protein 6 (Daxx)was studied using fluorescent and electron microscopy in mouse embryos at different stages of development in vivo, from zygote to morula. Daxx was found in association with transcriptionally silent chromatin predominantly with a heterochromatin rim surrounding the nucleolus precursor bodies (NPBs)at all stages studied. At the zygote stage, Daxx was detected only at the periphery of NPBs both in male and female pronuclei. At the late two-cell stage, Daxx was localized not only in the heterochromatin rim at the periphery of NPBs but also in heterochromatin zones not associated with NPBs. At the morula stage, a diffuse distribution of Daxx prevailed. Scarce Daxx-positive zones were detected only in some embryos at the nucleolar periphery. Thus, Daxx is noticeably redistributed during mouse embryo cleavage, and the most conspicuous areas of Daxx concentration are observed at the end of two-cell stage. Daxx is found colocalized with the chromatin-remodeling protein ATRX exclusively in two-cell embryos, but the heterochromatin areas containing either Daxx or ATRX individually are also observed at this stage. However, most zones containing both Daxx and ATRX demonstrated a low FRET-efficiency. This suggest that two molecules are not approached sufficiently close for molecular interactions to occur. Our data suggests that Daxx may function without cooperation with ATRX at least at some stages of early mouse development.

Переведенное названиеДинамика внутриядерного распределения белка Daxx в раннем эмбриогенезе мыши
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