Г.А. Де-Воллан и Угорская Русь

S. G. Sulyak, V. P. Zinovyev

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G.A. De-Wollant (de Wollant) (1847–1916) wrote many interesting works that have not lost their relevance today. His illustrated travel notes on Spain, Egypt, India, the countries of Southeast Asia, essays on Japan, the United States, and Mexico are still in demand by specialists. The antiquities he collected in Mexico in 1931 expanded the funds of the Hermitage. Unfortunately, his publications on the history and ethnography of the Rusins of Hungary, whom he called Russians, or Ugric Russians, turned out to be forgotten. Working in the Russian consulate in Pest, he studied sources and literature on the history of Ugric Russia and its indigenous population, visited the northeastern part of Hungary to conduct an ethnographic research. Given the growing interest in the Rusins’ problem all over the world, the re-introduction of his works into the academic circulation will contribute to the intensification of research in this area.

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