Влияние авроральных потоков электронов на динамику техногенных микрочастиц в полярной ионосфере.

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It has been shown in principle that technogenic particles moving in the nighttime polar ionosphere can be electrically charged to low negative potentials of about -(10-100) V if they fall into a flux of auroral electrons. Based on trajectory calculations, it has been found that the electric charging in an auroral flux substantially affects the orbital dynamics of microparticles with a radius of ∼1 μm in the case of low values of the ambient plasma density (∼10 cm-3). This action appears as a transformation of the initial circular orbit of a microparticle into an elliptical orbit and leads to an increase in the particle's lifetime on its orbit in near-Earth space (if the charging occurs in the northern auroral oval).

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