А.С. Будилович и Карпатская Русь

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A.S. Budilovich (1846-1908) is famous not only as an outstanding Slavist. He was also a public political figure who defended the idea of the Slavic world unity and triune Russian nation. During his trips to Austro-Hungary, he visited the regions inhabited by Rusins (Transcarpathia, Bukovina). Born in Western Russia, where there were strong contradictions with the Polish population, he sympathized with the Rusins of Galicia, Bukovina and Ugric Rus', who were part of Austro-Hungary and Russian Kholmschina, which, as part of Privislinski Krai (Kingdom of Poland), were subjected to polonisation. In many papers he raised the question of the Rusins' plight and their struggle for national revival. A. Budilovich was the initiator and the first chairman of the Halych-Russian Charity that supported the population of the "Enslaved" Russia.

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