Environmental influences on building stones in urban condition: a case study based on stone cultural heritage of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Kiel, Germany

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    Air pollution as one of the significant effects on stone deterioration has been a subject of concern and research for more than a century. The observed intensified stone decay processes of the last decades appear to be a direct consequence of changing climate (see for more details Smith et al., 2010). Thus, advanced knowledge of implications of future climate change for stone deterioration is of crucial importance to conservation strategies.
    Numerous studies exist on environmental impact of brick, stone and concrete. The Russian principal investigator Prof. Panova has been working with an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Kuopio, Finland, on biogenic as well as abiogenic weathering phenomena of granite under urban conditions for the last years as Saint Petersburg is well known for its granite facade buildings (see for example, Panova et al., 2014, Vlasov et al., 2020). However, a laboratory based study on decay processes of granites is not yet performed.
    In this project a systematic study on decay processes of granites from different quarrying places that have been used in the buildings of the central part of Saint Petersburg is proposed. The laboratories of the German principal investigator Prof. Holzheid are perfectly equipped to conduct alteration experiments in PTFE reactors in stainless steel autoclaves under various conditions such as temperature or different composition of fluid and/or gas phases.
    In addition, at first glance inspection of the altered surfaces can be conducted using high resolution binocular microscopy with digital image processing as well as scanning electron microscopy on selected samples at Kiel University.
    Further high resolution investigations - if needed - can be done at the Geo Environmental Research Center “GEOMODEL” of the Saint Petersburg State University.
    Please note, not only the post-run weathered granite aliquots from different quarrying places will be carefully studied, also samples from granite facade buildings of Saint Petersburg will be optically studied to be able to compare the degree of natural weathering with the controlled weathering based on the laboratory experiments.
    Although both principal investigators are aware of the biochemical impact on stone alteration, the focus of the proposed project will be solely on abiogenic processes between fluids and/or hydrous gases and minerals of the granites.
    Biogenic weathering phenomena will be studied in already envisaged follow-up projects.
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