Управление устойчивым развитием почвенных ресурсов: оценка последствий деградации почв в результате деятельности различных отраслей промышленности и их устранение с учетом особенностей законодательства и нормативов по охране почв России и Германии Ecological Management of the soil resources sustainable development: assessment of the soil degradation by the impact of the various industrial activities and its elimination in the terms of legislation and standards peculiarities of the soil protection in Russia and Germany

Проект: исполнение гранта/договораисполнение гранта/договора в целом

Сведения о проекте


For environmental research the main task of this project is to initiate the cooperation between scientists from St. Petersburg State University and Free University of Berlin, who are carrying researches in the field of geoecology. Scientists from both universities should meet and identify complementary advantages, promote the development of the future research projects, create an international research team, which will be able to receive the significant funding soon.
The relevance of the joint scientific tasks worked out by scientists of St. Petersburg State University and Free University of Berlin is not in doubt due to the increasing anthropogenic impact on the environment. The tasks include the study of anthropogenic pollution of the soil and possible methods of bioremediation. Also it is important to study the German experience in order to work out the environmental regulations laws.
Participants have extensive experience in conducting environmental studies in the field of environmental pollution assessment and soil protection in Russia and Germany. On the topic of the project, each participant has a large number of publications in journals indexed in scientific databases of the Web Core Science Collection, Scopus. The German side implemented the projects LaTerra (Sustainable development by optimizing regional turnover of substances); TerraBoga (Optimization of the turnover of substances in the botanical garden of Berlin); BioRefine (Assessment of soil contamination based on bioavailability).
The Russian side is implementing projects: RGS- RFBR N 17-05-41070 «Development of the innovative solutions for the northern regions of Russia» (2017-2019) and RFBR N 18-05-00217 A «Biogeochemical indicators of the technogenic transformation in the landscapes» (2018-2020). The experience of international cooperation of the St. Petersburg State University Group - participation in joint Norwegian-Russian projects: Nor-Russ Environment (International Russian-Norwegian project 2012-2017); Geoecological Monitoring and Nature Management in the Northern Oil and Gas Producing Regions (International Russian-Norwegian project 2007-2011).
Participation in joint German-Russian projects: Master's program «Polar and Maritime Studies» «POMOR» (partners University of Hamburg, Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences, University of Bremen, University of Kiel, University of Potsdam).
As a result of joint meetings, an international research team will be created to conduct joint environmental studies. They will discuss prospects and plans for cooperation at environmental risk facilities and plans for assessing soil pollution, managing sustainable development of soil resources, assessing and eliminating the consequences of soil degradation as a result of various industries, taking into account the peculiarities of legislation and standards for soil protection in Russia and Germany.
The results are supposed to be used for giving lectures and conducting practical classes and seminars in the courses of SPbU: M.Sc. «Special field practice»; «Environmental law”; «Environmental regulation». B.Sc. «Soil Ecology»; «Methods of Physicochemical Analysis of Soils and Plants»; «Field Ecological Research».
Besides the joint scientific projects guests lectures of Freie Universität Berlin scientist are planned. They should be provided for SPbU students of Ecology and Enviromental Management specialization.
In the course of the joint meeting it is planned to discuss the prospects for future cooperation and write applications for participation in continuous joint competitions of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG); for a grant from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) and German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) to support international research teams; the grant of the Federal Program «Research and Development in Priority Directions for the Development of the Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2014-2020» Measure 2.2 Support for research in the framework of cooperation with European Union member states; for the European Horizon-2020 project competition, etc.
Короткий заголовокУправление устойчивым развитием почвенных ресурсов
АкронимJSMF 2019
Действительная дата начала/окончания22/03/1930/09/19

Ключевые слова

  • почвы
  • геоэкология
  • природопользование
  • международная научно-исследовательская группа
  • загрязнение
  • экологическое нормирование
  • устойчивое развитие