Визит в СПбГУ Ваибхава Шаха (Университет Минью)

  • Гладкова, Маргарита Анатольевна (руководитель)

Проект: сотрудничество с организациейсотрудничество в рамках конкретного соглашения/протокола

Сведения о проекте


To give lectures to the students enrolled in Master degree courses at the Graduate School of Management in the St. Petersburg University. The objective is to introduce the Business students to the field of Artificial Intelligence, and prepare them for the present day business applications that involve the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques.
The following topics will be covered in the form of theoretical and practical sessions.
• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
• AI Applications in general, and for business in particular
• Steps/phases in implementing an intelligent system
• Introduction to ML techniques and algorithms
• Interpreting the predictions generated by an intelligent system

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Действительная дата начала/окончания25/11/1929/11/19