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Рецензирование статьи "Media in Kazakhstan in the context of modern information technology"

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Of course, this article has a strong sociological message: there is a reliance on various sociological theories of mass communications; The article uses both the results of a survey conducted by the authors themselves and the already published data of surveys of other researchers subjected to secondary analysis.Therefore, the research of media of Kazakhstan in the context of modern information technologies deserves approval. Moreover, detailed classification of Internet information resources can be met with interestby researchers community .
At the same time, the authors have not kept the achieved level. Thus, it seems that the content of information technologies in information relations in a society is much wider than media network practices. It is also noticable that the Conclusion of the paper is formal in its nature, as it repeats many times what was previously said in other sources. In our opinion, it is due to one mistake of methodological nature. The authors, researching the problem through the prism of sociology of mass communications, still constantly touched upon the issues of the theory of journalism, but the literary sources in this field were invisible to them.
Therefore, the professional work of journalists, presented in the article as convergent, firstly, is almost not separated from the activities of bloggers and other actors of the information space, and secondly, technological changes in the eyes of the authors have obscured the social essence of journalism. All this reduces the scientific level of the reviewed paper, but is not an obstacle to its publication, because this work presents an original view on the current stage of media development in Kazakhstan, which is interesting in itself.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the abstract does not define the importance of the paper. What the authors mean by it - 'the relevance of the study lies in the fact that in sociology the phenomenon of mass media is included in the object-subject field of several industries" - is not relevance, it is nothing more than description of the condition of existence of the researched phenomenon. It is desirable for the authors to fix this shortcoming.
Периодиюн 2020
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