Searching for the cost-optimal road trajectory on the relief of the terrain

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We study the problem of obtaining the cost-optimal trajectory for a road. Via the apparatus ofmathematical modeling we construct the integral cost functional, which argument is a function thatdescribes the path trajectory. The resulting functionality after some additional transformations is writtenin a simpler form. For the problem of the calculus of variations obtained this way, optimality condition isderived. This condition takes into account the specifics of the constructed functional. Unlike the classicalEuler-Lagrange conditions, it leads not to a differential, but to an integro-differential equation which canbe solved numerically.Joint work with Artyom S. Sharlay (St. Petersburg State University)

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Период24 ноя 2021
Название событияWorkshop on the intersections of computation and optimisations
Тип мероприятияконференция
МестонахождениеКанберра, Австралия, Территория столицы Австралии
Степень признанияМеждународная