Science and theology: the prospects for fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation

Копейкин, К. В. (Докладчик)

Деятельность: выступлениевыступление с приглашенным докладом/лекцией


The third international conference concludes a three-year effort by Project SOW to map the ongoing discussion on science and Orthodox Christianity throughout the world. Intensive research and long hours of discussions in conferences, workshops and interviews revealed a number of important thematic areas where the discussion is more vibrant, revealing controversial yet fruitful aspects of the science-religion relationship. Among these areas are bioethics, ecology and environment, psychology-psychoanalysis, which also seem to open new perspectives in the future discussion. Furthermore, the role of philosophy and history, with a focus on the notion of modernity, appear to be crucial in the understanding of the science- Orthodoxy relationship and its advancement. This, however, would be incomplete without the exchange of fundamental viewpoints between the Orthodox world and components of the ongoing discussion in the West.
Период29 ноя 2018
Название событияThe Science and Orthodox Christianity relationship: past-present-future
Тип мероприятияКонференция
МестонахождениеАфины, Греция
Степень признанияМеждународная