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Рецензия на статью Retreat from the Golden Age: Russian Journalists & Their World, 1992-2000


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Retreat from the Golden Age: Russian Journalists & Their World, 1992-2000 In recent years, analysts' interest in the "Golden age" of journalism in Russia has increased, especially in comparison with the current state of affairs. In this regard, the article corresponds with the researching mainstream. The article uses facts that are well known by the Russian scholars, especially since the information was taken mainly from Russian sources. It may be, these data will be useful for English-speaking readers, as they give them the opportunity to comprehensively trace the multi-component dynamics of Russian media in 1992-2000: the nature of government-media relations; after-collapse evolution of print and broadcast media; media economy; and journalistic professionalism (p. 1). However, there is a question about the correctness of the article's title, since there are no grounds to say that journalists are in the focus of the authors' attention; this remark also relates to the Conclusion: “This study outlines the changes in the attitudes and beliefs of journalists over the course of the 1990s” (p. 18). Special Chapter Russian Journalists in the 1990s (pp. 12-18) does not save the situation, because it is overloaded with sociological and other data that are not relevant to the period of research, nor to the dynamics of professional ideologies. In general, we would like to recommend returning to the basic idea of the article and its composition; particularly, it would be useful to rethink the research methods, which are not actually presented in the chapters, including a rather superficial Introduction. From the literacy and accuracy of the ideas expression viewpoint, there are no many shortcomings, although the English language looks a bit bookish. However, by several indicators, the text needs additional proofreading. The article contains errors of various kinds (pp.10, 12, 15, 16, 17, etc.) and the manuscript final version wasn't carefully checked by the creators (Хлеьarticles, p. 18). But these shortcomings are relatively easy to eliminate. The situation is worse with the usage of names. For example, they write Zasurskij, I. instead Zasursky, I. (as the author of the cited work marks himself) or Zasurskij, Ja N. instead Zassoursky, Ya. N.; Glasnost Fund instead Glasnost Defense Foundation (p. 17) and the like. References do not meet the journal standards. Thus, the article needs deep revision in different dimensions.
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