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Деятельность: Типы партнерской рецензии публикации и редакторской работыПартнерская рецензия публикации


Рецензирование монографии для издательства


Рецензия на монографию "Russian media: Struggle and survival in the heartland"

Комментарии (отзыв)

Dear Dr. Korkonosenko,

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to write this thoughtful, thorough, and candid reader’s report. We are pleased to see that your response to the project was largely positive, and that you also presented lucid and cogently-articulated recommendations for revisions. We will share your anonymized insights with the author of the manuscript, and take your feedback under serious consideration as we determine how to proceed with this project.

Thank you again for taking the time to write a review for Peter Lang Publishing.

All best,

Liam McLean
Editorial Assistant
Период25 мар 2019
Тип издателяИздатель
Степень признанияМеждународная