International Journal of Old Uyghur Studies (Журнал)

Телицин, Н. Н. (Член редакторского совета)

Деятельность: Типы партнерской рецензии публикации и редакторской работыРедакторская работа


The International Journal of Old Uyghur Studies (IJOUS) is a peer-reviewed journal that includes articles, news, reviews and bibliography, primarily on Old Uighur and subsequent Old Uighur-related issues. The journal will cover topics from the language of Turkic inscriptions with runic letters, the language of early Islamic Turkic texts and contemporary Turkic languages ​​and dialects related to Old Turkic. The subjects of neighboring areas, contact with Old Turkic, Mongolian, Silk Road Languages ​​etc. are also of interest.

The journal is published with a double blind review system. During the publishing process, the rules required by DergiPark are carefully followed and applied.

The articles in the journal can be written in German, Turkish, English, French and Russian. With an extended abstract, articles in other languages are acceptable.

The journal will be published twice a year at the end of June and December.
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