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Peer review "Pre-attentional Effects on Global Precedence Processing in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Typical Development on Tablet-based Modified Navon Paradigm Task"


Reconsider after major revision (control missing in some experiments)

Комментарии (отзыв)

1. A very modest sample size and a small amount of statistically reliable data raise doubts about the sufficient validity of the results of this study.

2. Similar in design and testable hypotheses, the study was published earlier (Soriano, M.F.; Ibáñez-Molina, A.J.; Paredes, N.; Macizo, P. Autism: Hard to switch from details to the whole. J Abnorm Child Psychol 2018, 46, 1359−1371). But the results of this earlier study are more thorough and convincing.

3. «Pre-attentional Effects on Global Precedence Processing…» is described and discussed in great detail based on the results of the meta-analysis (Van der Hallen, R.; Evers, K.; Brewaeys, K.; Van den Noortgate, W.; Wagemans, J. Global processing takes time: A metaanalysis on local-global visual processing in ASD. Psychol Bull 2015, 141, 549−573). However, the authors of this manuscript only casually refer to this article, without paying due attention to its content.
8 дек 2022


ID: 100951980