Global isometric embeddings of AdS black holes in a flat space

Шейкин, А. А. (Основной докладчик), Соловьёв, Д. П. (Докладчик), Пастон, С. А. (Докладчик)

Деятельность: выступлениевыступление с устной презентацией


The procedure of isometric embedding is a representation of a given pseudo-Riemannian manifold as a surface in a flat ambient space of higher dimension which induced metric coincides with the metric of the manifold. Such a procedure can shed the light on various geometric properties of the manifold (e.g., Kruskal diagram for Schwarzchild black hole can be obtained by projecting certain embedded surface on a 2-plane).
The talk is devoted to the problem of construction of a global isometric embeddings for AdS black holes, in particular, Schwarzchild-AdS and RN-AdS ones. We present some new embeddings of such black holes and discuss their geometric properties.
Период29 авг 2018
Название событияVI International Conference "Models in quantum field theory": dedicated to Professor Alexander Nikolaevich Vasiliev
Тип мероприятияконференция
Номер конференции6
МестонахождениеПетергоф, Российская Федерация
Степень признанияМеждународная