Global isometric embeddings of AdS black holes in a flat space

Шейкин, А. А. (Основной докладчик), Соловьёв, Д. П. (Докладчик), Пастон, С. А. (Докладчик)

Деятельность: выступлениевыступление с устной презентацией


The procedure of isometric embedding is a representation of a given pseudo-Riemannian manifold as a surface in a flat ambient space of higher dimension which induced metric coincides with the metric of the manifold. Such a procedure can shed the light on various geometric properties of the manifold (e.g., Kruskal diagram for Schwarzchild black hole can be obtained by projecting certain embedded surface on a 2-plane).
The talk is devoted to the problem of construction of a global isometric embeddings for AdS black holes, in particular, Schwarzchild-AdS and RN-AdS ones. We present some new embeddings of such black holes and discuss their geometric properties.
Период29 авг 2018
Хранится вVI International Conference "Models in quantum field theory"
Тип мероприятияКонференция
МестонахождениеПетергоф, Российская Федерация
Степень признанияМеждународная