Андрей Дмитриевич Наследов - Рецензент


Peer Review "Dimensions, Measures, and Contexts in Psychological Investigations of Curiosity: A Scoping Review"


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Комментарии (отзыв)

Thanks to the authors for the interesting work!

1) The genre of the article is unusual for me, and, frankly, it is not acceptable for me personally. This genre does not fit into the tradition of empirical substantiation of arguments.

2) Nevertheless, the authors conducted a fairly correct generalization of many previous studies. And the methodology of summarizing the results of empirical research is understandable and acceptable to me.

3) The discussion of the results of generalization is, of course, partly subjective and not impartial. But this is acceptable, there is something for a simple discussion.
22 ноя 2022


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