5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Digital Transformation & Global Society

Игнатьева, О. А. (Участник), Кондратенко, К. С. (Участник), Ирина Ивановна Толстикова (Участник), Александр Владиславович Плетнев (Участник)

Деятельность: Участие в типах событий или организация типов событийУчастие в конференции, заседании рабочей группы, ...


Generation Z and Its Value Transformations:
Digital Reality Vs. Phygital Interaction


The impact of phygital reality on generation Z is the focus of this article. Phygital is understood as a system of interaction in the new world when digital space pen-etrates the physical and integrates with a person. For researchers, as well as for representatives of business, education, and media culture, the question of how phygital reality practices influence formation of the values of the most active digi-tal audience - generation Z is becoming more and more relevant. Issues of value system are commonly seen among a typical representative of the generation Z that lives in St. Petersburg. The change in the value priorities of modern society is in-vestigated. An analysis of the results made it possible to obtain the image of gen-eration Z from generation Y viewpoint, to study the hierarchy of values of gener-ation Z and to draw inter-generational analogies. It is shown that some features attributed to this generation are not supported by data. The results of the study of the value system of a typical representative of generation Z in St Petersburg are in some contradiction with the value system of generation Z in other countries. The authors believe that generation Z studies present valuable material for developing governing solutions in terms of desired goals and actions to achieve a developed digital society
Период19 июн 2020
Тип мероприятияконференция
Номер конференции5
МестонахождениеSt. Petersburg, Российская Федерация

Ключевые слова

  • generation Z, generation Y, phygital reality, values, values transformation.