Открытая Лекция "Japan’s Relations With Russia: From Gorbachev to Putin"

Малашевская, М. Н. (Участник), Ярослав Шулатов (Организатор)

Деятельность: Участие в мероприятиях или организация мероприятий (событий)Участие в конференции, заседании рабочей группы, ...


The presentation deals with Russian-Japanese model of interaction during the “long1990’s”, starting from “perestroika” in late 1980’s until the beginning of 2000’s, viewed from the diplomacy tactics and mechanisms introduced to the bilateral negotiations. The application of different negotiation instruments (such as “no-necktie meetings”, informal contacts, “face-to-face diplomacy” etc.) applied by the Japanese diplomacy toward the USSR and Russian Federation, and its leaders – Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin, –demonstrates the evolution of Russo-Japanese relations and establishment of cooperation notwithstanding territorial problem. Dr.Malashevskaya examines effective and non-effective negotiation tools&methods and explains mutual interest in both countries to intensify and deepen collaboration in various fields, making possible to advance economic, political, international, security, cultural exchange, however preserving unsolved historical issues; and thereby shows the transformation of bilateral relations from the model of week interaction to the full-blooded and positive engagements at a time of dramatic geopolitical changes on the global arena.
Период6 дек 2017
Тип мероприятиясеминар
МестонахождениеКобэ, Япония
Степень признанияМеждународная

Ключевые слова

  • российско-японские отношения
  • перестройка
  • Ельцин-Хасимото "без галстуков"
  • переговоры лидеров
  • тактика давления
  • взвешенный диалог