Ukrainian nationalism appears in the middle of the XIX century. Russian conservatives do not perceive it as a serious threat. Attitude to this problem has done serious evolution - from ridicule of cranky small group of provincial intellectuals to recognize the imminent prospects of territorial division and the breakdown of historical unity of the Russian people. Editor of "Moscow News", a well-known publicist, M.N. Katkov was the main critic of "ukraynofilstvo" in the second half of the XIX century. Otherwise, but also critical as a whole, perceived this movement M.F. De Pulet, I.S. Aksakov and V.J. Shulgin (founder of newspaper "Kievlyanin"). A major criticism of Ukrainian nationalism was the conservative writers of the period: P.A. Kulakovskiy, L.A. Tikhomirov, M.O. Menshikov, V.M. Purishkevich, D.V. Skrynchenko and D.D. Muretov. In particular positions stood nationalist T.V. Lokot', considered people of Great Russia, Russia Minor and Belorussia as the Russian ethnic groups, not united into a political nati
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