Transformation of the world investment space in the context of globalization

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Development of the global investment process occurs within the investment space. The development of globalization and integration leads to the transformation of the investment space. The purpose of this article is the studying of modern processes and phenomena that characterize the key trends of transforming the investment space under globalization. The article identifies key trends of the global investment space transforming. These trends include the following: changes in quantitative and qualitative composition of investing participants; increase of the stock markets value as the institutions for mobilization, accumulation and redistribution of the capital; transnationalization of the credit sphere; and transformation of the investment climate in the qualitative characteristics of the national investment space. The important condition of the united world investment space formation is domestic legislation liberalization and foreign investment promotion. The most important trend is institutionalization of the global investment process. It occurs in increase of the role and importance of the national and international financial and economic institutions that adjust international monetary, credit and financial relations.

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JournalEconomic Annals-XXI
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2013

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  • Global investment space
  • Globalization
  • Institutional environment
  • International investment activity
  • Investment process


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