Tokamak Demo-FNS: Concepts of magnet system and vacuum chamber

E.A. Azizov, S.S. Ananyev, V.A. Belyakov, E.N. Bondarchuk, A.A. Voronova, A.A. Golikov, P.R. Goncharov, A.Yu. Dnestrovskij, E.R. Zapretilina, D.P. Ivanov, A.A. Kavin, I.V. Kedrov, A.V. Klischenko, B.N. Kolbasov, S.V. Krasnov, A.I. Krylov, V.A. Krylov, E.G. Kuzmin, B.V. Kuteev, A.N. LabusovV.E. Lukash, I.I. Maximova, S.Yu. Medvedev, A.B. Mineev, V.P. Muratov, V.S. Petrov, I.Yu. Rodin, V.Yu. Sergeev, A.V. Spitsyn, V.N. Tanchuk, V.A. Trofimov, R.R. Khayrutdinov, M.V. Khokhlov, Yu.S. Shpanskiy

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The accumulated know-how in the area of plasma physics and technology of controlled fusion makes it possible to begin designing of fusion neutron sources (FNS), which may be used for production of fissile nuclides and transmutation of minor actinides. Modern Rus-sian strategy of controlled fusion development provides for construction of the demonstration FNS-tokamak (DEMO-FNS) for the checkup of stationary plasma burning and test of hybrid fusion-fission blankets by 2023. The DEMO-FNS designing is now at its initial stage. Efremov Institute began designing of its magnet system and vacuum chamber, while Kurchatov Institute and SPbPU developed plasma-physical design aspects and determined basic parameters of the facility. Plasma major radius R = 2.75 m, plasma minor radius a = 1 m. Fusion power PFUS= 40 MW. Toroidal magnetic field at the major radius Bt0 = 5T. Plasma current Ip = 5MA. Magnet sys-tem is superconducting: central solenoid will be made of Nb3Sn, poloidal field coils of NbTi. Use of superconducting
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)5-18
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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