The socio-semantic space of John Mohr

Camille Roth, Nikita Basov

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This small essay is a tribute to John W. Mohr. It is meant as a complement to the essays by Robin Wagner-Pacifici and Ronald Breiger, and by Paul DiMaggio focused on their personal experiences of work and friendship with John. Our contribution, in contrast, presents a computationally produced map of the sociocultural space of John, molded by his numerous projects and initiatives in his crucial role as an editor, thinker, and boundary spanner. Our map utilizes a combination of online publication data and a survey of John's social alters across the world. This map, we hope, illuminates the broad engagement of John into diverse research areas and scholarly communities, which definitely stimulated both his bright mind and the dwellers of these communities. We also believe this visualization highlights the meaningful social and cultural connections inspired by John and molding the socio-semantic network analysis of today.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101437
Early online date4 Mar 2020
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