The method of elastotonometry for cornea weakening in the peripheral annular zone

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The mechanical response of the eye to cornea loading by Maklakoff tonometers weighting 5; 7.5; 10; and 15 g is studied in the case of weakening of the cornea in the peripheral annular zone due to hyperopia surgical correction. Firstly sequential measurements of intraocular pressure are carried out, then the dependence curve of the tonometric intraocular pressure (IOP) versus tonometer weight is plotted and analyzed (so-called Maklakoff elastotonometry is used). The mathematical model of measuring the IOP by the Maklakoff tonometer is made in the engineering simulation software ANSYS Inc. The elastic system cornea–sclera is presented as two joint transversely isotropic spherical segments with different radii of curvature and biomechanical properties loaded with internal pressure. The results of elastotonometry for the preoperative stage and two different methods of vision correction LASIK and Femto LASIK are compared.

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