Кинематографический опыт как трансгрессивный

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The article examines the perspective of transgressive experience in an aesthetics and an aesthetics of cinema in particular. Transgressive experience in an esthetics context on the example of the performatory practics of the last century, the mode of “shapeless” art in objects and also the specific strategies of implementation of aesthetic experience connected with material-corporal measurement appears sign that ecstatic practice is included in process of esthetic experience as the communicative act, intentionally representation mode, overcoming border traditional for art. Destruction of initially set role
imagined, the suspense situation appearing at a disorientation of images at cinema and also lack of the estimated combination meaning with meant prepares “deception” of the horizon of expectation. Application to cinema experience definition “transgressive”, thus, means assessment of his opportunities as analytical calculations of reactions of the audience representing deleting of borders and distinctions between actual and virtual, code
conversion of the most esthetic installation when viewing. Violence representation methods, its movement from real to a symbolical context assume, first, that ways of reliable broadcasting of episodes on the screen are directed to creation literally of “document”, secondly — are capable to offer an alternative for approach to aesthetic installation when viewing, the technician of spectator identification which are involved in each type of the fine arts, but most suitable for cinema. So, in “transgressive” cinema experience this transgression procedurally, because as soon as it is registered in experience, the attention of the viewer will already change the coordinates is a configuration of dynamics virtual and real. The expectation deception made by transgressive cinema opens adaptive process of esthetic experience and also intensifies absent-mindedness of perception of the film work which technologies subject to the accelerated processing. Speak another way, mistiming of relevant and virtual
representation has an opportunity to lead to an exception of one of them.
Key words: Transgressive experience, performatory practics, heterogeneity, suspense, virtuality, procedurality.
Original languageRussian
Title of host publicationПервый Российский Эстетический конгресс, 17-19 октября 2018 г., Санкт-Петербург
Subtitle of host publicationДоклады и выступления
Place of PublicationСПб.
Publisher Российское эстетическое общество
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventПервый Российский эстетический конгресс - СпбГУ, Санкт-Петербург
Duration: 17 Oct 201819 Oct 2018


ConferenceПервый Российский эстетический конгресс
CountryRussian Federation


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Стругова, Е. А. (2019). Кинематографический опыт как трансгрессивный. In Первый Российский Эстетический конгресс, 17-19 октября 2018 г., Санкт-Петербург: Доклады и выступления (pp. 385-393). СПб.: Российское эстетическое общество.