Synthesis and characterization of macroinitiators based on polyorganophosphazenes for the ring opening polymerization of n‐carboxyanhydrides

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Among the various biocompatible amphiphilic copolymers, biodegradable ones are the most promising for the preparation of drug delivery systems since they are destroyed under phys-iological conditions, that, as a rule, reduce toxicity and provide controlled release of the drug. Hybrid graft‐copolymers consisting of the main inorganic polyphosphazene chain and polypeptide side chains are of considerable interest for the development of delivery systems with a controlled degradation rate, since the main and side chains will have different degradation mechanisms (chem-ical and enzymatic hydrolysis, respectively). Variable particle degradation rate, controlled by the adjusting the composition of substituents, will allow selective delivery in vivo and controlled drug release. The present work proposes the preparation of biodegradable macroinitiators based on pol-yorganophosphazenes for the synthesis of hybrid copolymers. Synthesis of novel biodegradable macroinitiators based on polyorganophosphazenes was performed via macromolecular substitu-tion of a polydichlorophosphazene chain with the sodium alcoholates, amines and amino acids. The composition of copolymers obtained was calculated using NMR. These polyorganophosphazenes bearing primary amino groups can be considered as convenient macroinitiators for the polymerization of NCA of α‐amino acids in order to prepare hybrid copolymers polyphosphazene‐graft‐poly-peptide. The developed macroinitiators were amphiphilic and self‐assembled in the aqueous media into nanoparticles. Furthermore, the ability to encapsulate and release a model substance was demonstrated. In addition, the in vitro cytotoxicity of synthesized polymers was evaluated using two cell lines.

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StatePublished - 1 May 2021

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  • Drug delivery systems
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