Some Brief Notes on Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding

Lucjan Sobczyk, Dorota Chudoba, Peter M. Tolstoy, Aleksander Filarowski

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A review of selected literature data related to intramolecular hydrogen bonding in ortho-hydroxyaryl Schiff bases, ortho-hydroxyaryl ketones, ortho-hydroxyaryl amides, proton sponges and ortho-hydroxyaryl Mannich bases is presented. The paper reports on the application of experimental spectroscopic measurements (IR and NMR) and quantum-mechanical calculations for investigations of the proton transfer processes, the potential energy curves, tautomeric equilibrium, aromaticity etc. Finally, the equilibrium between the intra- and inter-molecular hydrogen bonds in amides is discussed.
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)1657-1/19
StatePublished - 2016


  • внутримолекулярная водородная связь
  • протонные губки
  • гидроксиариламиды
  • основания Шиффа
  • основания Манниха

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