Set phrases: A view through corpora

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The study of word collocatibility is one of the main tasks of linguistics. Syntagmatic relations bind together language units being in direct contact with each other. The combinatory ability of language units, collocatibility, is one of the linguistic syntagmatic laws. This phenomenon is the main object of the phraseology and lexicography. The article deals with set phrases of different types from the point of view of their numerical evaluation. Corpus linguistics understand set phrases as statistically determined unities. This approach is the basic point of different automatic ways to extract idioms and collocations. The paper describes experiments which show how text corpora and corpus methods and tools such as association measures, word sketches, concordances can be used to expand the entries in existing dictionaries and how set phrases could be evaluated quantitatively. There are a small numbers of works on set phrases productivity during time periods because of small size of historical corpora. In this research examined set phrases usage was studied diachronically on the base of the big Google books Ngram Viewer Russian corpus counting billions of tokens. The study argues that diachronic productivity is best evaluated with a studying contexts. Used corpus tools enable to do it. Ultimately, it is shown and maintained that corpus linguistics methods and tools allow to create dictionaries of new type which have to include a larger amount of set phrases and collocations than before.

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JournalKomp'juternaja Lingvistika i Intellektual'nye Tehnologii
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2015
EventInternational Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies, Dialogue 2015 - Moscow, Russian Federation
Duration: 26 May 201529 May 2015

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