Sébastien de Brossard’s Dictionnaire of 1701: A comparative analysis of the complete copy.

А.А. Панов, И.В. Розанов

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This article presents a comparative study of what is believed to be the only existing complete copy of the first edition of Sebastien de Brossard's Dictionnaire de musique. Dated 1701 and titled Dictionnaire des termes, it is located in the Academic Music Library, Foreign Literature Department of the St Petersburg State Conservatory, Russia. This dictionary is a part of a unique and extensive collection of 15th- to 19th-century editions compiled by Gottfried Engelbert Anders (1795-1866), who worked in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France for about 30 years. The collection was purchased by Mikhail Azanchevskii, a Russian patron of the arts, during his visit to Paris in 1868. In 1870, Azanchevskii donated the collection in its entirety to the Russian Music Society. Later it became a part of the St Petersburg State Conservatory library. One of the main outcomes of this study of the dictionary is that it is possible to prove the textual similarity with its 'second' edition (1705, pp.xij[4]-380) and to see that it
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JournalEarly Music
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StatePublished - 2015

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