Relativistic Calculation of the Nuclear Recoil Effect on the g Factor of the 2 P 3/2 State in Highly Charged B-like Ions

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Abstract: The nuclear recoil effect on the 2P3/2-state g factor of B-like ions is calculated to first order in the electron-to-nucleus mass ratio m/M in the range Z = 18–92. The calculations are performed by means of the 1/Z perturbation theory. Within the independent-electron approximation, the one- and two-electron recoil contributions are evaluated to all orders in the parameter αZ by employing a fully relativistic approach. The interelectronic-interaction correction of first order in 1/Z is treated within the Breit approximation. Higher orders in 1/Z are partially taken into account by incorporating the screening potential into the zeroth-order Hamiltonian. The most accurate to date theoretical predictions for the nuclear recoil contribution to the bound-electron g factor are obtained.

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