We propose an extension of multi-pomeron exchange model for the description of production of strange particles. The model [1-3] describes consistently multiplicitiy, transverse momentum and their correlation in wide energy range (from ISR to LHC) by introducing string collectivity effects in pp collisions. The particles discrimination is implemented according to Schwinger mechanism. We present the results on strange particles yields and their transverse momentum and discuss the influence of higher resonances on these observables.


ConferenceLXV International Conference on Nuclear Physics «Nucleus 2015. New Horizons in Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Femto- and Nanotechnologies». Conference is devoted to the 60th anniversary of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
CountryRussian Federation
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    Feofilov, G. A., Kovalenko, V. N., & Puchkov, A. M. (2015). PRODUCTION OF STRANGE PARTICLES IN THE FRAMEWORK OF MULTI-POMERON EXCHANGE MODEL. 169. Abstract from LXV Международная конференция по ядерной физике «Ядро 2015. Новые горизонты в области ядерной физики, атомной, фемто- и нанотехнологий», посвященная 60-летию Объединенного института ядерных исследований, Санкт-Петербург, . http://www.onlinereg.ru/site.php?go=203&lang=ENG