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A multivariate calibration of multisensor systems is a very important stage in their application. Construction of reliable calibration model requires significant investment of time and money. Once established, calibration model can be applied normally only together with that particular multisensor system, which was employed for its’ construction – this can be a serious limitation for a wide adoption of multisensor systems in common laboratory practice. In order to address this issue we have studied the applicability of several calibration transfer techniques, such as direct standardization, single wavelength standardization and standardization with regularization coefficient for the data obtained from two potentiometric multisensor systems in analysis of complex lanthanide mixtures. It was found that mathematical correction of sensor array response using standardization with regularization coefficient allows for using the regression model derived for one sensor array together with the data obtained from another sensor array. The value of root mean squared error of prediction for total lanthanide concentration increased insignificantly (0.10 instead of 0.07 in log scale) compared with that provided by the first multisensor system.

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