Middle Devonian vertebrates from the Lemovzha river, NW Russia

A. Ivanov, P. Skutschas, E. Luk evi s, V. Glinskiy

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D. V. Obruchev (1933) described the Narova Beds and mentioned the section along the Lemovzha River (south-westen part of Leningrad Region, NW Russia) as the most complete and typical for this stratigraphical interval. This section contains marls, mudstones, clays and sandstones of the Eifelian Narova (Narva) Regional Stage (RS), as well as sandstones of the Givetian Aruküla RS (Ivanov et al., 2012). The vertebrate assemblage of the Narova marl deposits includes psammosteids Schizosteus splendens (Eichwald), S. striatus (Gross); placoderms Holonema sp., Homostius sp. and Byssacanthus dilatatus (Eichwald); acanthodians Archaeacanthus sp. and Haplacanthus sp.; sarcopterygians Thursius sp., cf. Gyroptychius sp., Glyptolepis? quadrata Eichwald, Struniiformes indet. and Dipterus arenaceus Eichwald. The Aruküla vertebrate assemblage from typical sandy deposits contains the remains of psammosteids Pycnosteus palaeformis Preobrazhensky, P. pauli Mark, Schizosteus striatus; placoderms Homostius sp., Actinolepis tubercu
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StatePublished - 2014
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EventThe 9th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 8 Sep 20149 Sep 2014
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ConferenceThe 9th Baltic Stratigraphical Conference
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  • biostratigraphy
  • Middle Devonian
  • Eifelian
  • Glivetian
  • vertebrates
  • Main Devonian Field

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