Media-oriented Approach to the Training of PR-specialists at the field of International Relations

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Paper is devoted to communicative issues of the training of PR-specialists at the field of international relations. Nowadays international public relations are considered as a strategic activity aimed on the construction of optimal communicative environment and the governance over public communications on the international level. That's why public relations become a profession with good job opportunities. Public relations should be considered as a complex of social practices, technics of cooperation with different segments of the audience, technologies which are developing in two streams - organizing and informational public relations. At the first case there are keeping in mind the planned events initiated by basic actors of public relations and aimed on the achievement of pragmatic communicative goals, first of all on the increase of its publicity capital, the creation of the positive image. At the second case there is taking place the informing and the attraction of the attention of different public groups on the changes in the activities of the actor of public relations, information support of the events. The system of training of PR-specialists has multiple sides. In a number of countries, they've began to elaborate educational models at the field of public relations which are also aimed on the creative backgrounds of the specialists at the field of international public relations who have understanding of subject matters of both international relations and public relations, and appropriate skills how to work at the field of public communications. In the article there is evaluating and comparing the structure of curriculums and master programs at the field of international public relations which are realizing in different countries ( Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany). Special emphasis is devoted to the media-oriented approach of the creation of the pattern of PR-specialists suggested by the Saint-Petersburg State University.

Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)132-148
Number of pages17
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2017


  • public relations
  • master degree
  • international relations
  • journalism
  • media competence
  • university
  • media-oriented approach
  • communicative skills

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