Mechanical and Functional Properties of Amorphous-Crystalline Ribbons of Ti40.7Hf9.5Ni44.8Cu5 Alloy

S.P. Belyaev, N.N. Resnina, V. Yu. Slesarenko, A.V. Shelyakov

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The mechanical behavior and functional properties in amorphous-crystalline thin ribbons of Ti40.7Hf9.5Ni44.8Cu5 alloy with different volume fraction (from 0 to 100%) of crystalline phase were studied. Results obtained showed that the fully amorphous sample was deformed elastically up to 6 %. The existence of crystalline phase in the sample resulted in the deformation was realized by reorientation of martensite at the early stage. The strain accumulated at this stage was fully recoverable during subsequent heating through the temperature range of reverse martensitic transformation. It was found that an increase in volume fraction of crystalline phase led to rise of value of shape memory effect. It was due to the increasing the volume fraction of the sample deforming by the mechanism of martensite reorientation. It was observed that the amorphous – crystalline Ti40.7Hf9.5Ni44.8Cu5 alloy was deformed by three mechanisms of unelastic deformation: reorientation of martensite crystals, plastic deformation of amorph
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)512-516
JournalInorganic Materials
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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