Image of ST. prince vladimir as a new constantine

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The author regards the image of St. equal to Apostles prince Vladimir as new Constantine in hymnographic dedicated to the baptizer of Russia. The image of St. qual to Apostles emperor Constantine was very important for medieval Christian world both in virtue of significance of his activity for the benefit of Christianity and the Church and due to the unusual character of his conversion. ommon features of St. prince Vladimir with St. Emperor Constantin are the preaching of Christianity and maintenace of the Church, a heartly character of their faith and paternal way of their power. From the other side both St. Constantine the Great and St. Prince Vladimir are founders of blessed dynasties and there is a parallel between the Temple of St. Apostles in Constantinople and Desiatinnaya Church in Kiev. The cause of such links is also an idea of sacred magisterium and apostolicity, which dates back to the image of the Byzantine Emperor Priest. The image of St. Constantine the Great also provides a link with king Davi
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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