HR-боты в управлении человеческими ресурсами организации

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The article analyzes a relatively new phenomenon of the digital economy — HR bots. Th e author outlines that in scientifi c literature there is no clear defi nition what HR bots are, what are their specifi c features are, and what their impact on the eff ectiveness of human resource management is. Th e objectives of the article are to defi ne the concept of an “HR bot”, identify its types and functions in the human resource management, and consider the challenges that HR departments face regarding the implementation of HR bots. Th e article consists of three sections. In the fi rst section the author discusses a more general concept of a “bot”, describes the type and directions of using bots. Th e second section relates to a detailed consideration of HR bots, their types and functions in human resource management. In the third section basing on the research available in the fi eld and experts’ opinion the author characterizes HR bots’ capabilities in improving the effi ciency of human resource management and the challenges that HR departments face when implementing HR bots. Th e key fi ndings of the article are: the concept of an HR bot is clarifi ed; the typology of HR bots is carried out; the scope of HR bot application is systematized, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and prospects for further research in the fi eld are identifi ed. Th e article systematizes the diverse knowledge on bots and HR bots, therefore it can be useful both to researchers and practitioners in the fi eld of human resource management.
Translated title of the contributionHR bots in human resource management of an organization
Original languageRussian
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 2019

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