Visual representation of information is getting more actual nowadays. We investigate how a text type influences the process of reading and how readers integrate text-figure information when reading and understanding “polycode” texts. Four texts in infographics were extracted from Russian newspapers and then converted into regular text format. The participants were asked to read two texts in infographics and two verbal texts. Eye movement data from 18 Chinese students learning Russian as a foreign language indicate that their reading patterns were text directed even while processing infographics. Their comprehension was also controlled by off-line methods (the method of subjective scaling, question-answer method, key words method). The overall results of the study show that the influence of the type of text affects the text flow as you get closer to the proficient reader: the higher the level of development of reading skills, the greater the influence of the factor "text type".
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Early online date2 May 2019
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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