Eschatological references in the galician-volynian chronicle

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Eschatological themes in Galytch-Volynian Chronicle are not characterized with stress or pessimism. General attitude is eschatological optimism, based on faith in God's mercy and the help of saint protectors. One of the most important of them is Saint Archangel Michael who saved prince Daniel from death and idolatry during his travel to the Tatarian king Batu. At the same time this chronicle demonstrates a conviction in power of a Christian prince, who protects his Christian subjects from coming of Antichrist. There is a gallery of forerunners of Antichrist, such as Hungarian invaders - Benedictus, Filniy. Lithuanian prince Treuden also bears an image of Antichrist. As for Tatars, they are regarded rather as a whip of God, than forerunners of Antichrist.
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