Dielectric chart as a tool for diagnosis of dielectric materials

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One of the most informative diagnostic methods dielectric materials is the analysis of the complex permittivity depending on the frequency of the electric field [1]. Dielectric chart is the dependence of the imaginary part of the complex permittivity of its real part. Thus, difference between the real dielectric chart from the reference or change it during the operation can be a means of diagnostics of dielectric materials. Dielectric chart in the classical theory of Debye is a semicircle with its center lying on the real axis. For solid dielectric the dielectric chart deviation from the semicircle can be quite large, but it still remains a circular arc. This deviation is characterized by parameter α (in the case of the Debye α = 0). To clarify the physical meaning of the deviations of the experimental data on the Debye theory, expressed in the value of α, several possible causes have been considered: the effect hindered reorientation of dipoles, the effect of the non-sphericity of the molecules, the complex nature of viscosity. However, the main cause of deviations, in our opinion, is the availability of the distribution of relaxation times around a central relaxation time, in particular, due to defects in the sample. Gaussian distribution width increases rapidly with increasing α. In this paper we propose an algorithm for calculating α, allowing you to quickly determine the condition of the sample on a single parameter.

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