Development of emotional expressions of children brought up in families and orphans

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The study of normative development of emotional expressions in child's voice, speech, facial manifestations, behavior and the specificity of this process in children with neurological disorders and orphans, growing up in Child's Home is presented. The investigation involved children of the first and the second years of life: 30 healthy children, 10 children with light neurological disorders brought up in families and 30 orphans from Child's Home. The methods of perceptual, phonetic, spectrographic analysis of sounds and speech, analysis of behavior and facial expressions were used. Pitch values, the range of pitch values, pitch contour's form, duration of vowels and vocalizations were described as characteristics significant for recognition of child's emotional state as comfort, discomfort and neutral (calm) by adults. Elements of behavior and facial manifestations that reflect emotional states were described. It was revealed that recognition of children's emotional state by adults on the base of their voca


Conference6 th International conference on emotions, well-being and health,
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  • emotional expression
  • children with neurological disorders
  • orphans
  • acoustic features of sounds
  • recognition of child's emotional state


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