Centennial cycle of the north-south asymmetry in the solar magnetic field

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Various solar phenomena are north-south asymmetric in amplitude and phase. We analyzed the position of the heliospheric current sheet (HCS) relative to the ecliptic plane and sunspot areas over 19th and 20th centuries. We found that both variables experience simultaneous changes in terms of dominating hemisphere around the solar activity cycles 14-15 and 19-20. The same changes occur in the differential rotation velocity. We came up with the conclusion that the north-south asymmetry of the analyzed phenomena has the same global source and varies regularly with nearly centennial periodicity.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2018
Event30-я Генеральная ассамблея Международного астрономического союза - Вена, Austria
Duration: 20 Aug 201831 Aug 2018


Conference30-я Генеральная ассамблея Международного астрономического союза
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