Biology of lamprey during its larval stage

Dmitry S. Pavlov, A. Kucheryavyy, Elizaveta A. Kirillova, Dmitry Yu. Nazarov, Alexandr O. Zvezdin

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Lampreys spend their early stages of development in buried in the ground. Until now there is still little information on their biology. Previous researches discover some peculiarities of larvae (ammocoetes) behavior and ecology. During last decade we ran various studies of lamprey larvae (Lampetra and Lethenteron) in Eurasia. There were studied morphology, growth, gonads development, migration and distribution, preferred type of biotopes, and atypical biotopes ( i.e. artificially dredged streams, layers of sand and silt in banks, pools in sandbars, lake bottom etc.), as well as metamorphosis and smoltification in lampreys. Studies were held in various types of river systems across the most part of Arctic and Subarctic regions in Russia; in small and giant river systems of different types – from simple channels to highly structured river-lake-river-estuary-sea systems; in undisturbed rivers and in systems, which have strong human impact; in rivers with low diversity and abundance of aquatic species and in thos
Original languageUndefined
StatePublished - 2015
Externally publishedYes
Event39th Annual Larval Fish Conference - Vienna, Austria
Duration: 11 Jul 201516 Jul 2015


Conference39th Annual Larval Fish Conference
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