Beta-spectrometer with Si-detectors for the study of 144Ce–144Pr decays

I. E. Alexeev, S. V. Bakhlanov, N. V. Bazlov, E. A. Chmel, A. V. Derbin, I. S. Drachnev, I. M. Kotina, V. N. Muratova, N. V. Pilipenko, D. A. Semyonov, E. V. Unzhakov, V. K. Yeremin

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Here we present the specifications of a newly developed beta-spectrometer, based on full absorption Si(Li) detector and thin transmission detector, allowing one to perform efficient separation beta-radiation and accompanying X-rays and gamma radiation. Our method is based on registration of coincident events from both detectors. The spectrometer can be used for precision measurements of various beta-spectra, namely for the beta-spectrum shape study of 144Pr, which is considered to be an advantageous anti-neutrino source for sterile neutrino searches.

Scopus subject areas

  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation


  • Beta spectrometry
  • Semiconductor detectors


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