Beam-driven Terahertz source based on open ended waveguide with a dielectric layer: Rigorous approach

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Terahertz frequency radiation (0.1-10 THz) is a promising tool for a number of scientific and practical applications. One promising scheme to obtain powerful and efficient THz emission is usage of beam-driven dielectric loaded structures [1]. Recently we have considered the problem where the microbunched ultrarelativistic charge exits the open end of a cylindrical waveguide with a dielectric layer and produces THz waves in a form of Cherenkov radiation [2]. To investigate the applicability of utilized approximations, we analyze here the case of orthogonal end of a waveguide with continuous filling. However, presented rigorous approach can be generalized for waveguide with vacuum channel. We use the combination of Wiener-Hopf technique and tailoring technique. The infinite linear system for magnitudes of reflected waveguide modes is obtained and solved numerically. We present typical field distributions over the aperture and typical radiation patterns in the Fraunhofer zone.

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Title of host publication6th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC 2015
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