Automated Player Activity Analysis for a Serious Game About Social Engineering

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This article proposes a mathematical model that helps to track a player’s game actions and present them in a structured form. The gaming process is presented as a set of states that are connected by a player’s actions. Each state is a set of predicates that characterize the player’s knowledge about the game. This mathematical model was developed as a step in achieving the general goal of the research branch, which is to increase the safety of an information system from social engineering attacks by developing a serious game. This serious game is aimed at improving players’ skills in recognition and counteraction to social engineering attacks as well as at raising awareness among employees.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationStudies in Systems, Decision and Control
PublisherSpringer Nature
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StatePublished - 2021

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NameStudies in Systems, Decision and Control
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  • Computer Science (miscellaneous)
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  • Game environment for social engineering attacks
  • Graph theory
  • Information security
  • Social engineering attacks
  • User protection


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