About the illness and death of Vladimir Vasilkovich, prince of Volhynia. Some medical, homiletic and liturgical observations

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© 2015 Rusin. International Journal of History.The article is dedicated to a number of questions connected with the disease and the death of Vladimir Vasilkovich, Prince of Volyn. Vladimir, inspite of a seeming lack of brightness was a digny ruler of Vladimir Volyn princedom and a true Christian on the throne. His chronist bishop Eusignius paid a special attention to his disease and martial death. If we take in account the description of the disease given in the "Chronicle of Vladimir Vasilkovich" we may propose, that the prince was ill with osteomyelitis of mandibula, connected with caries or paradontosis of teeth of mandibula. It caused inflammation, which struck at first bone texture and then of mandibula and pharynx. Mandibula was destroyed in result of fistula process and pharynx opened, which caused the problems with nourishing, sepsis and death of the sick person. We learn from the Chronicle of Vladimir Vasilkovich, that the prince met his death with dignity, reason and high spirit and fortitude. A phi
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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