The article is devoted to the analysis of correlation of the principles of liberalism and traditionalism in metaphysical terms. The notions of private and universal are the basic categories of the paper. The focus of the argument is defined by this point - categories of private and universal. Another key concept of the paper is the transcendental. As the author shows the concept of the universal is defined by the transcendental and this thesis eventually disavows the claim of the private to be universal. These metaphysical concepts are used in the analysis of social being. It allows to demonstrate the correlation between the institution of private property and the state. In Modernity the institution of private property became of the great importance and also the key concept of the libertarianism. It was the great achievement for a mankind because individual began to conceive him or herself as free person. However as a result the ontological significance of the universal was devaluated. And at the same time the private is able to gain a totalitarian character. In this regard the goal of the paper is to analyze and to show in what way the priority of a private property breaks the metaphysical principle of the distinction between the private and the universal. Besides the research objective is to demonstrate why the neglecting of the universal is the danger for the society. The universal is the origin of the social life and society gets its distinctness through the transcendental. Without considering the principle of transcendent any developed social theories turn out to be unviable. It is undesirable to exclude him from the analysis. Such analysis is reached through establishment of balance in the relations between two of these institutions. At the same time it is insufficient simply to restore the authority of the state. It is also noted in the paper that the state can't be reduced to the simple role of the agent of communication between the subjects. The state expresses the idea of the transcendental which needs to be rehabilitated in the social practice. Various modifications of the transcendental become more available through the diverse symbolical forms. As a result the offered metaphysical criterion creates conditions for development of various social theories and their check of social adequacy.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2017

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