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“Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”: The Psychological Aspect and Its Meaning for EU-Russia Relations

Pashentsev, E., 2020, Strategic Communication in EU-Russia Relations: Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities. Pashentsev, E. (ed.). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., p. 213-256

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“Candidatus Gortzia shahrzadis, a novel endosymbiont of Paramecium multimicronucleatum and revision of the biogeographical distribution of Holospora-like bacteria.

Serra, V., Fokin, S. I., Castelli, M., Basuri, C. K., Nitla, V. M., Verni, F., Sandeep, B. V., Kalavathi, C. & Petroni, G., 2016, In : Frontiers in Microbiology. 7, p. 1704

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“Candidatus Fokinia solitaria”, a Novel “Stand-Alone” Symbiotic Lineage of Midichloriaceae (Rickettsiales)

Szokoli1, F., Sabaneyeva, E., Castelli, M., Krenek, S., Schrallhammer, M., Soares, C. A. G., Da Silva-Neto, I. D., Berendonk, T. U. & Petroni, G., 2016, In : PLoS ONE. 11, 1, p. e0145743

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“Brothers and Sisters in Toil and Struggle”. Jewish Workers and Artisans on the Eve of Revolution

Dymshits, V., 2009, Photographing the Jewish Nation. Pictures from S. An-sky’s Ethnographic Expeditions.. Brandeis University Press, p. P. 61-67 (The Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry).

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“Band Gap Scaling of Graphene Nanohole Superlattices”

Xue, Q., Liu, W., Wang, Z. F., Shi, Q. W., Yang, J. & Feng, L., 2009, In : Physical Review X. B80, p. 233405

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“Back to future, or forward to the past? A few steps toward progressive esucation”

Эпштейн, М. М., 2014, ”School and the community: collaboration in the context of new educational standards. Experiences of Russia and the United States”. p. 18-23

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“Are stereoscopic cues ignored in telestereoscopic viewing?"

Rogers, B. J., 2009, In : Journal of Vision. 9, 8, p. 288a

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“All these …”: Negative Opinion About People and “Pejorative Plural” in Russian

Blinova, O., 2019, 5th International Conference on Internet Science, INSCI 2018. Bodrunova, S. S., Smoliarova, A. & Kolozaridi, P. (eds.). Cham: Springer, p. 51-60 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol. 11551).

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“Al-Islam wa kayfiyat muqarabatihi: wafrat al-minhajiyyat” (Islam and How to Approach It: A Profusion of Methodologies/Подходы к исламу: изобилие методологий): 10. “Al-Islam wa kayfiyat muqarabatihi: wafrat al-minhajiyyat” (Islam and How to Approach It: A Profusion of Methodologies/Подходы к исламу: изобилие методологий). In: Beirut, Dar al-‘arabiyya li-l-‘ulum, 1441 AH (2019 CE), 279–314.

Кныш, А. Д., 2019, Ridwan al-Sayyid, Sari Hanafi, Bilal al-Orfali (tahrir wa-tahqiq/editors/ответственные редакторы), Nahwa i‘adat al-bina’ al-dirasat al-islamiyya (Towards the Reconstruction of Islamic Studies/Реконструкция исламоведческих дисциплин).. Beirut: Dar al-‘arabiyya li-l-‘ulum, p. 279-314

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“¿Qué es un grupo cibotáctico? Entre lo homogéneo y lo heterogéneo”.

Efimov, A. & Peytranovskii, V., 2014, Preguntas y Respuestas sobre el Mundo Nano.

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’t Hooft-Polyakov monopoles with non-Abelian moduli

Shifman, M., Tallarita, G. & Yung, A., 2015, In : Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. 91, p. 105026

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‘Nearly’ universally optimal designs for models with correlated observations

Dette, H., Pepelyshev, A. & Zhigljavsky, A., 2014, In : Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 71, p. 1103-1112

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‘Liability of Foreignness’ entry

Nachum, L., 2014, Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.

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‘Lex quae rescindit ’. Някои размисли за нищожността per legem в римското право

Тузов, Д. О., 2011, 100 години от рождението на проф. Михаил Андреев: Сборник статии. София: Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky", p. 303-310

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‘Lex quae rescindit ’. Некоторые размышления о ничтожности per legem в римском праве

Тузов, Д. О., 2010, Правовые проблемы укрепления российской государственности: Сб. ст. Ч. 45 / Ред. Б. Л. Хаскельберг, В. М. Лебедев, Г. Л. Осокина. Томск: Изд-во Том. ун-та, 2010..

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‘Humble and Hard-Working’? Sergey Sobyanin and Alexey Navalny as Moscow Mayoral Candidates of 2013

Bodrunova, S. S., 2014, Political Marketing: Principles and Applications / 2nd ed.. Taylor & Francis, p. 274,197-199

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‘Hexagonal Molybdenum Trioxide’ – Known For 100 Years And Still A Fount Of New Discoveries

H.-J., L., Hartl, H., Hartl, M. A., Fait, M. J. G., Shenderovich, I. G., Feist, M., Frisk, T. A., Daemen, L. L., Mauder, D., Eckelt, R. & Gurinov, A. A., 2010, In : Inorganic Chemistry. 49, 20, p. 9400-9408

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