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  • Сергей Вячеславович Двинских

Detection of flexible portion of protein chain in Sup35NM amyloid fibrils by means of diffusion-filtered NMR experiment

Подкорытов, И. С., Белоусов, М. В., Бондарев, С. А., Kämpf, K., Журавлева, Г. А., Двинских, С. В. & Скрынников, Н. Р., 10 Sep 2017, In : FEBS Journal. 284, Suppl. 1, p. 215

Research output

Open Access
1 Citation (Scopus)
40 Citations (Scopus)
13 Citations (Scopus)
4 Citations (Scopus)

Dynamic properties of water in silicalite-1 powder

Filippov, A., Dvinskikh, S. V., Khakimov, A., Grahn, M., Zhou, H., Furo, I., Antzutkin, O. N. & Hedlund, J., 1 Sep 2012, In : Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 30, 7, p. 1022-1031 10 p.

Research output

12 Citations (Scopus)

Electrokinetic transport of water and methanol in Nafion membranes as observed by NMR spectroscopy

Hallberg, F., Vernersson, T., Pettersson, E. T., Dvinskikh, S. V., Lindbergh, G. & Furó, I., 1 Apr 2010, In : Electrochimica Acta. 55, 10, p. 3542-3549 8 p.

Research output

28 Citations (Scopus)

Experimental Detection of Trinitramide, N(NO2)3

Rahm, M., Dvinskikh, S. V., Furó, I. & Brinck, T., 2011, In : ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION. 50, 5, p. 1145-1148

Research output

33 Citations (Scopus)

Investigation of Melts of Polybutylcarbosilane Dendrimers by 1H NMR Spectroscopy

Matveev, V. V., Markelov, D. A., Dvinskikh, S. V., Shishkin, A. N., Tyutyukin, K. V., Penkova, A. V., Tatarinova, E. A., Ignat'Eva, G. M. & Milenin, S. A., 1 Dec 2017, In : Scientific Reports. 7, 1, 13710.

Research output

Open Access
6 Citations (Scopus)
11 Citations (Scopus)

Ion conductive behaviour in a confined nanostructure: NMR observation of self-diffusion in a liquid-crystalline bicontinuous cubic phase

Frise, A. E., Ichikawa, T., Yoshio, M., Ohno, H., Dvinskikh, S. V., Kato, T. & Furó, I., 2010, In : Chemical Communications. 46, 5, p. 728-730

Research output

46 Citations (Scopus)
15 Citations (Scopus)
5 Citations (Scopus)

NMR imaging study and multi-Fickian numerical simulation of moisture transfer in Norway spruce samples

Dvinskikh, S. V., Henriksson, M., Mendicino, A. L., Fortino, S. & Toratti, T., 1 Nov 2011, In : Engineering Structures. 33, 11, p. 3079-3086 8 p.

Research output

21 Citations (Scopus)
1 Citation (Scopus)
7 Citations (Scopus)
13 Citations (Scopus)
10 Citations (Scopus)

The twist-bend nematic phase: translational self-diffusion and biaxiality studied by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance diffusometry

Cifelli, M., Domenici, V., Dvinskikh, S. V., Luckhurst, G. R. & Timimi, B. A., 2 Jan 2017, In : Liquid Crystals. 44, 1, p. 204-218 15 p.

Research output

13 Citations (Scopus)

Towards tailored hierarchical structures in cellulose nanocomposite biofoams prepared by freezing/freezedrying

Svagan, A. J., Jensen, P., Dvinskikh, S. V., Furó, I. & Berglund, L. A., 2010, In : Journal of Materials Chemistry. 20, 32, p. 6646-6654

Research output

61 Citations (Scopus)

Translational self-diffusion in the smectic phases of ferroelectric liquid crystals: An overview

Cifelli, M., Domenici, V., Dvinskikh, S. V., Veracini, C. A. & Zimmermann, H., 1 Oct 2012, In : Phase Transitions. 85, 10, p. 861-871 11 p.

Research output

11 Citations (Scopus)

Translational self-diffusion in the synclinic to anticlinic phases of a ferroelectric liquid crystal

Cifelli, M., Domenici, V., Dvinskikh, S. V., Glogarova, M. & Veracini, C. A., 2010, In : Soft Matter. 6, 23, p. 5999-6003

Research output

14 Citations (Scopus)

Vegetable oil reactions within wood studied by direct 13C excitation with 1H decoupling and magic-angle sample spinning (MAS) NMR

Pagès, G., Alireza, S. M., Dvinskikh, S. V., Johansson, M. K. G. & Furó, I., 1 Nov 2012, In : Progress in Organic Coatings. 75, 3, p. 259-263 5 p.

Research output

2 Citations (Scopus)